Why Electric Tea Kettles Are the Best Unitaskers

Why Electric Tea Kettles Are the Best Unitaskers

There is a rule of thumb among kitchen gadget enthusiasts that you want to avoid unitaskers. A unitasker is any kitchen gadget is only useful for one very specific task. A good example would be that of a deep fryer. While a deep fryer can make frying things more convenient they take up space, require frequent cleaning of additional components and can eventually rob you of any convenience you would have gained. You would be better off using a pot. However, one unitasker that is incredibly popular is that of the electric tea kettle.

The electric tea kettle is better than other unitaskers because it performs a very basic but highly necessary function in any kitchen: it boils water faster. This is extremely useful when you are trying to make tea in a hurry or if you need boiling water for a recipe such as hard boiled eggs faster than a pot of water on the stove top can supply. They are simply more efficient.

A good electric kettle is not only useful for cooking, it is essential if you want to be able to make different teas at their unique optimal temperatures. Different teas require different temperatures and steeping times in order to get the optimal flavor and effect that the tea has to offer. This is why so many electric kettles have variable heat controls. This allows for you to create the best possible tea without having to utilize a thermometer or any other external tool to make it happen.

Here’s a video that demonstrates what proper temperature and steep time can offer:


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