Stop Your Toilet From Causing Water Damage

Stop Your Toilet From Causing Water Damage

If you were to narrow down the top spots in your home to find water damage then the three most likely places would be your laundry room, your kitchen, and of course your bathroom. The bathroom is a veritable hotbed for mold growth and water damage because it features a high volume of water and humidity. Oddly enough one of the biggest sources of bathroom water damage is the toilet. It may seem strange to think that your toilet could cause a problem as big as water damage but it is a very common source. Here is how you can stop your toilet from causing water damage.

Toilets Overflow & Cause Damage All The Time

One of the most common ways that a toilet causes water damage is through overflowing. Everybody has had this problem at one point or another and it is nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you do not do proper clean-up after your toilet overflows you are not only letting some nasty bacteria build up, you are allowing water to build up between the tiles in your bathroom. This creates two particularly nasty forms of water damage. You can learn more about the water damage types by visiting DamageControl 911.

Water Grows Mold Under Your Tiles

First of all the water between your bathroom floor tiles will begin to inspire mold growth. This is because any number of bacteria can start to take hold n those areas. When the mold starts to grow in the tiles it can go undetected for long periods of time. When that happens the mold will start to spread by sending out its spores into the air. This can make you incredibly sick. There have even been people die as a result of exposure to mold spores because the spores would work their way into the person’s lungs, so you need to get an expert on this fast. DC911 can help you get rid of mold growth.

And Causes Your Bathroom’s Floor Joists To Rot

The other way that your toilet causes water damage is through the overflowing water causing the wooden foundation of your bathroom floor to rot. A spill that happens every once in awhile may not cause a lot of damage. However, if there have been multiple overflows within a short amount of time then it is possible that the water seeped into the wood of your flooring. You will eventually notice that your floors have weakened and creak more than they may have before.

Obviously the best way to prevent toilet based water damage is to be mindful of what you flush and to prevent overflows as best you can. Of course you must also be sure to thoroughly clean up any mess when the occasional overflow does happen. It is important that you take care of the problem sooner rather than later so that you can prevent any possible damage from setting in. If you suspect that there is already mold damage then you should call in a water damage expert to conduct an inspection.


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