The Best Baby Changing Tables

The Best Baby Changing Tables

Starting a family is a big decision. Sometimes, you’re not even ready. Either way, sometimes you might not have everything prepared for a new family member on the way.

It’s a beautiful thing to have a baby and it’s a life-changing experience. You might not be ready, but there are always places that will assist you with your decisions.

Setting up your new baby’s room can be a bit just as difficult as shopping for new clothes for them. Babies have their own personalities and will enjoy their room for years and years to come.

You’ll want everything right when your new baby comes home, or even before that time. Each piece of furniture should have a purpose and one of those things should be a baby changing table.


What is a baby changing table?

A baby changing table is exactly what it sounds like—a table to change your baby’s clothing and diaper. It needs to be a cushioned, sanitary area to keep your baby safe from harm and germs.

You need to get one that is stable and comfortable; if not, it could seriously injure your baby. You’ll want a considerable investment if you want to keep your baby safe from these dangers.

Cribs are one thing, but baby changing tables are another. The more you spend, the more you can feel safe in known you’ve purchased a quality product.

You won’t have to worry about “down will come baby” because your table will support your child. The cushion will be comfortable and easy to access. The shelves beneath will provide you with what you need at the time.


What You Should Look For

There are plenty of qualities that baby changing tables carry. Each one should be carefully considered when picking one out. You shouldn’t have to fear if your baby isn’t safe or comfortable while they’re getting their diaper changed.

Is it safe? This is the biggest question you should be asking about the product. Your baby’s safety should be the top priority when looking for these changing tables.

How many children will be using it? When your baby turns into a toddler, they may still be in diapers. You may have twins. The size of the bed should be a considerable thought when deciding on a baby changing table.

Will it fit with your furniture? There are multiple types of styles of baby changing tables. There are different woods and metals that will blend well with your furniture, so all you have to do is consider it. Are your crib and other pieces made of a darker wood? There’s definitely some that are made with darker wood!


Types of Baby Changing Tables

  • Traditional

These tables are basically what you would normally see in a nursery. They are a three or four-layered shelves with a table atop, usually cushioned. These shelves are optimal for storage for your diaper-changing items or clothing for your baby.

  • Changing Dresser

These have become more popular lately. This is exactly what it sounds like: a dresser with a changing area. Some people argue that the more space you have to store, the better. To each their own rings true, however. While more storage space might be nice, a changing dresser will conserve the space in your room.

  • Wall-Mounted Table

This one has been rather common lately as well, though some have been criticized for its dangerousness. These are bolted or built into the walls of your home so that you can place your baby atop at a raised level, making it easier to get to the changing portion of your interaction.

  • Folding Changing Table

This one is a bit more portable and can be taken with you while you travel. If you don’t want to use those public bathroom changing stations, which may or may not be clean, this is a great choice.

While they are a bit more flimsy than your average table, it makes a great tool to take with you on trips. They’re a bit cheaper than your average table, as well.


What We Base Our Choices On

We are dedicated to providing our readers with the best choices possible when it comes to providing for your family. Babies are a blessing and a miracle of life, so you will want to treat them as such. Here is how we pick our list:


This is our number one priority, as it should be yours. Anything unsafe can bring tremendous injury to a baby. These items will provide a safe, comfortable environment for your baby as you change their clothes and diapers. Anything less would be an insult to you and us.


While safety is number one, it is also important to get the best quality products on the market. We go through each and every review that is connected to the products we list. We make sure that each one is thoroughly critiqued to provide the best quality you can expect.


We know that babies are expensive. Furniture is expensive, too. Storage space is expensive… the list goes on! We know that money can be tight, but you should spare no expense for your new baby. While many changing tables can be somewhat expensive, we have chosen the best quality-to-value ratios.


Best Traditional Changing Tables


Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

The first in this list is probably the best-rated one on the market. Composed of cherry wood, this changing table meets all of the governmental safety and anti-tipping standards. With safety rails and straps, this table has reasons to be one of the best. With two shelves beneath the laying area, this table boasts ample storage space to be able to put your diapers and cleaning materials for your baby.

It is easy to assemble and comes with a water resistant changing pad to keep your baby in comfort while you clean it. The table comes in different colors, making it an easy choice to put into a room to match your other furniture. If you’re curious about using a changing table, but haven’t made a decision yet, this one is a perfect choice to take the plunge on.

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Child Craft Arched Dressing Table

This is another great traditional baby changing table. It only comes in one color, but has a higher enclosed area for your baby. This will increase the safety for your baby even more. It is composed of hardwood and composite wood material. There are two shelves to help you with your storing of all your diapers and cleaning needs.

This table also comes with a changing pad and a safety strap just in case you need more security for your baby. It is non-toxic and is anti-tip tested to make sure you won’t have any surprises when changing your baby. The table is easy to assemble, but does need some assembly when you purchase it. It will be perfect in any nursery.

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Graco Changing Table

Along with the other two-shelved changing tables, Graco brings us a similarly-styled one. It is composed of cherry wood among the different colors it has. The water-resistant changing pad has a safety strap over the top, but it can be replaced if you would prefer. Like the two above, it also has two shelves that have ample space for storage.

If your baby grows out of the changing table, you can use it for even more storage, especially along the top. It’s a perfect space for more storage to hold it over if you have another baby or if you want to give it away to someone else. There are multiple colors to choose from, so you can match it with your furniture in your baby’s room.

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Badger Basket Modern Changing Table

If you need more shelves and storage space, this baby changing table is your best bet. With three separate drawers for storing diapers, cloth, or other cleaning products, it is a great addition if you need space. The left side has a large hamper to store dirty clothes or otherwise. Each drawer is able to be taken out for easier access.

Each drawer and hamper is foldable to make storage even easier. You can remove the hamper to store a waste basket and place the hamper in a different area if need be. It meets all safety and precautionary standards. It comes disassembled, but assembly is easy enough.

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Cosco Kids Furniture Applegate Changing Table

If you want some color thrown into your baby’s room, this is your best bet. This changing table comes in a few different colors for their drawers. The blue and green is a nice addition to multi-colored rooms while providing a large amount of storage space. There are two open shelves beneath the changing table, making it suitable for dry cloths.

There are multiple pieces of furniture to go along with the changing table, all of which are pretty nice additions to a children’s room. It meets Cosco’s high safety standards and comes with a replaceable changing pad for your baby’s comfort.

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Best Baby Changing Table Dresser


DaVinci Jayden 3-Drawer Changer Dresser

This beautiful, sturdy 3-drawer changer dresser is one of the best on the market. It is composed of wood and houses three drawers to put clothes, diapers, or any other supplies you might need. The metal drawer gliders will make them function like an actual chest of drawers, making it an easy choice if you want another piece of furniture.

It is a classic nursery staple and will tie your room together quite nicely. It has met all safety standards and is sturdy enough to hold the biggest of babies. Whenever the baby gets older and there is no need for the changing portion, the changing pad can be removed. It needs to be assembled, but has been said to be easy to assemble.

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Storkcraft Calabria Crib N Changer

This is almost everything you need in one package. Not only is it a baby changing table, it is also a convertible crib that you can keep your baby in. It is a sturdy piece of furniture that comes in espresso or grey. The changer has three storage drawers beneath the changing table and the crib is to the left, keeping it close to the place that you can change them.

If you don’t want them together, the item comes with a special separation that you can assemble them separately. It can also be changed from a crib to a day bed to a full-sized bed if you need to. It comes with a changing pad, but does not come with a crib mattress. Those are sold separately.

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Delta Children Bentley S Convertible Crib N Changer

This is another convertible crib and changer, making it one of the more expensive ones on the list. It is expensive, but it is sturdy and very high-quality. It exceeds in safety quality to in governmental standards, making it a sturdy, powerful choice when adding it to your baby’s room. The crib can be turned into a daybed and a full-sized bed as your baby grows.

The daybed rail is included, but the toddler guardrail and full size bed rails sold separately. It includes two large drawers and open compartment areas on the side, giving you ample storage space if you need it. The table also comes with a water-resistant changing pad and a safety strap for extra security.

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Baby Cahce Vienna Changing Topper

While only being a topper for the double dresser from the Baby Cache Vienna collection, it is still a great choice for any household that wants to match their furniture. It is a beautiful wooden addition to your dresser and can be added to many of the double-sets. Even if you don’t have a Cache Vienna collection, a simple measuring process will tell you if it fits or not. It does not come with a baby changing pad, so you will need to purchase one separately.

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baby changing table

South Shore Furniture Angel Changing Table

South Shore brings us one of the larger-storage dressers. It comes with six different drawers for optimum storage space, allowing you to put all sorts of things in it. The changing table atop the dresser can be removed as your child gets older and there is no need for it. In the meantime, it is a safe, optimal way to change your baby’s diapers and clothing.

It comes in two colors and is made in North America. The dresser is made of non-toxic laminated particle board. The changing pad and other necessities are not included, so you’ll need to purchase one of those as well.

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Best Foldable Baby Changing Tables


SmartNest All-In-One Baby Changing Station

If you’re a family on the go, you’ll definitely need a way to change your babies without the need of disgusting, unsanitary public bathroom changing stations. Your best bet is to get something like this: an all-in-one baby changing station. This single bag will carry everything you need to keep your baby clean and healthy when it comes to changing them.

It has 11 storage packets for everything you’ll need. Four tall sides will keep your baby in comfort and in safety. It is water-resistant and will be cleaned in a matter of a few wipes if need be. It is easy to hold and transport, having a strap to put over your shoulder or even your stroller. This station is even suitable to take outside!

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T&K Babies Changing Station

While not as big as SmartNest’s changing station, it does serve its purpose of being a portable baby changer. It establishes itself as a baby changing table and can be taken anywhere. It will keep your baby’s bottle and food warm or cold with its aluminum interior. The diaper bag will keep all your baby’s belongings in order, whether it’s clothes, toys, food, or diapers.

It comes with a strap to carry over your shoulder or on your stroller, making it fine to bring outside or on vacation. The portable baby table converts to a changing station in seconds and is easy to set up, so there is nothing to worry about when it comes to changing your baby.

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