What’s The Difference Between Carbon Fiber And Aluminum Bikes?

What’s The Difference Between Carbon Fiber And Aluminum Bikes?

It’s a great video from professionals perspectives on the difference between aluminum and carbon fiber bikes.

But is the additional cost worth it to the average biker? Maybe. I am a strong believer in personal preference as long as a couple of seconds does not matter.

What’s the odds for 99% of bikers winning the Tour de France? Understand where i am headed in this conversation?

If you have the money, want the more expensive bike, then go for it. For the ones who are a bit more frugal and ride for pure pleasure, go for the lesser priced bike. You can also get lower cost carbon fiber bikes for the average biker.

Sites like CMC break down the information into bite size nuggets of info so the beginner can get a quick handle on the facts about carbon fiber bikes.

As these guys stated, there is no way to quantify comfort or many of the other subjects they covered.

Speed tells the story of the difference between these bikes IMHO, so unless you are a competitor, it’s all subjective based on your personal perspectives, wants and needs.

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